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LG FINANCE is a consulting firm specializing in mortgage transactions. We have 12 years of experience in Paris, and extensive experience in the Spanish market. Successfully developing our activity, many residents and non-residents call on our services to help them find the best financing for the purchase of their property. During this process, we accompany you and resolve all your doubts, always looking out for your interests, and ensuring the best conditions, in the most comfortable, fast and secure way.

The best rate

We carry out a study and comparison between more than 30 banks to find the best price and the best conditions.

Time saving

Do not go to multiple banking establishments, we negotiate directly for you.

Support from experts

Throughout the process we will accompany you at every step, providing you with all the information you request and answering all your questions.

Closeness and Proximity

It seems that proximity is the heart of our relationship, LG Finance is located in the center of Barcelone.


Is investing in real estate away from home a good idea?

Real estate investing requires rigor and availability. When choosing to invest remotely, it is important to study the real estate market of the place in question and to learn about the area. The real estate investor must take into account a certain number of parameters which we suggest you detail.

Real Estate Credit


Reconsolidation of Credits

Canje de credito

Home loan insurance

Seguro de prestamo inmobiliario


Mortgage interest barometers in Spain negotiated with LG Finance:

1% over 25 years

0,85% over 20 years

0,70% over 15 years


Duration (years)
Amount + %
Monthly payment



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